Quick Answer: What Is The Right Size Violin For My Child?

How do you know what size violin to get?

To measure what size violin best suits you, you need to know the length between your neck and the middle of your left-hand palm or left wrist.

This is measured when your hand is fully extended and raised perpendicular to your body, just like holding a violin..

Can a 4 year old play the violin?

Violin for Kids Once your child is preschool age (four to five years old), this is a great time to see if he or she is interested in instrument training. Violins are available in fractional sizes, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that fits your child’s height, arm length, etc.

What size violin does a 5 year old need?

Children ages five to seven often play on the 1/4 size violin, which measures 18.5 to 19 inches (47 – 48.3 cm) in length. It will fit students with an 18 to 18.5 inches (45.7 – 47 cm) long arm.

What is the best violin for a beginner?

Top 10 Best Beginner Violin ReviewsMendini MV200 Violin.Mendini MV300 Violin.Franz Hoffmann Amadeus Violin.Bunnel Pupil Violin.D Z Strad Model 101 Violin.Cecilio CVN-300 Violin.Cremona SV-175 Violin.Stentor Student I Violin.More items…•

How long is a 1/2 size violin?

1/2 size violins are our next size. They fit best with students ages 7-9. These violins measure 20 ½ inches in total length and are about 2 inches longer than the 1/8 sizes. They fit arm lengths 20 inches.

How long is a full size violin?

Some of the standard inch measurements have been rounded up or down for convenience. Violin Body Lengths: 4/4 Violin = 356mm or approx. 14 inches.

How do I pick the right violin?

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Violin for BeginnersBuy or Rent? There are a number of great beginner violins available, and at very affordable prices. … Size Matters. Never purchase or rent a beginner violin that is too big. … Craftsmanship and Materials. … Ask the Experts. … The Set Up Process. … Chin and Shoulder Rest Considerations. … Hear it Played.

Is a 4 4 Violin full size?

The size corresponds to the length of the body of the violin (not including the neck and scroll). The smallest is 1/16 (just 9 inches or 23 cm), and the sizes work their way up through 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8 and finally 4/4 or full size (about 14 inches or 36 cm).

How do you size a violin for a child?

How to determine the violin sizes ? Place the child in front of you with the left arm extended horizontally until it is parallele to the floor and take the measure from the corner of the neck to the middle of the palm of his hand. You will find below the violin sizes corresponding to the measurement.

What is a good starter violin for a child?

Violins For Kids That We RecommendCremona SV-175 Student Violin Review. The SV-175 is a violin meant to meet the needs of both beginning and developing students. … Cremona SV-150 Student Violin Review. … Mendini MV300 Student Violin Review. … ADM Handcrafted Solid Wood Student Violin Review.

What age is a 3/4 violin for?

3/4 – Children ages 9 to 11, with an arm length of 22 to 23.5 inches. 4/4 or Full Size Violin – For violinists ages 9 and above, with an arm length of 23.5 inches and up. This is the size for adults.

Is learning violin easy or difficult?

Will it be hard or difficult? Yes, absolutely! Bowed instruments are difficult to learn. They are very complex and sensitive instruments, so it takes a lot of good quality lessons and good quality practice to be able to play some simple tunes beautifully and achieve the realistic goal described above.

Can you learn violin by yourself?

Can you learn to play the violin without a teacher? Look, whether you have a teacher or not: in violin playing (and music making in general) we’re ALL self taught. If you have weekly lessons and practice daily: most of the time YOU will be the one correcting yourself and not your teacher.

What size violin is good for a 10 year old?

VIOLA Sizing Chart1. Age of Player *2. Player’s Arm Length *3. Viola SizeSmall Adult, Child 10-12 years62.2cm15″ Viola9-12 years23″14″ Viola (4/4 Violin)58cm7-9 years21.5″-22″13″ Viola (3/4 Violin)8 more rows

What size of violin is best for a 7 year old?

1/8-sized violins are for children with arms roughly seventeen inches in length. Full-sized violins are for young adult or fully grown musicians with arm lengths of approximately two feet. Seven-year-olds typically have an average arm length of eighteen to twenty inches, which makes a half-sized violin ideal.

What age should a child start violin lessons?

Three yearsThree years of age is considered by most music instructors to be the very earliest at which a child should start violin. Children under three are not yet developed enough cognitively to benefit from music lessons. On average, however, it is advised to wait until the child is four or five years old.

Is it better to learn piano or violin first?

Piano is much easier than violin to start with. You still need a teacher for good technique, but you can get them in later when you have some basic competence. Piano also sets up a lot of skills (musical score, for instance) which are generally portable to other instruments, so it’s a pretty good choice.