Question: Is Goth Still Popular?

Is Goth Dead 2020?

Goth in general never actually died, it only went underground due to the majority of goths at the time growing up later on and thinking that goth is nothing more than a mere phase.

Not only that, but the emo culture appealed to more people than goth did..

Notable post-punk artists who presaged the gothic rock genre and helped develop and shape the subculture include Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, the Cure, and Joy Division. The goth subculture has survived much longer than others of the same era, and has continued to diversify and spread throughout the world.

Is Goth making a comeback?

Goth is “making a comeback”, despite it not entirely dying, because the public has figured out how to mix goth with different cultures, making it seem more friendly. … The music these goth artists made ties in with the macabre, the old horror movie aesthetic, romance and other things people thought was dark.

Are all Goths depressed?

“Goths are three times more likely to be depressed than other teenagers, with 37% admitting to self-harming,” the Daily Mail reports. A new study looked at mental health outcomes in young people who said they identified with the goth sub-culture.

Can Goths be happy?

Goths can actually be some of the happiest people that you ever meet. When you are the kind of person who can show who you are to the world at all times, happiness tends to come naturally. The Happy Goths are the kind you will often see laughing and dancing their way through the world.

Is Goth still a thing?

Goth has been around for almost (gulp!) 40 years – its parent style, Gothic for several centuries – and yet it’s more relevant than ever. It’s everywhere now, from the high street to the big screen, especially at this time of year.