Question: Is Being Docile A Good Thing?

When it comes to the point meaning?


When someone comes to the point or gets to the point, they start talking about the thing that is most important to them.

He came to the point at once.

“You did a splendid job on this case.” See full dictionary entry for point..

What does the word meek mean?

1 : enduring injury with patience and without resentment : mild a meek child dominated by his brothers. 2 : deficient in spirit and courage : submissive “I don’t care,” came the meek reply— Annetta Miller.

What’s even the point of life?

The point of living is to experience stuff, good or bad. Learn from ur mistakes and everything happens for a reason. I mean the point of life is that you’ll never know what will come around the corner next for you. Life is full of surprises and we only have so much time to do whatever the f-ck we wanna do.

What does to the point mean?

phrase. Something that is to the point is relevant to the subject that you are discussing, or expressed neatly without wasting words or time. The description which he had been given was brief and to the point. Synonyms: relevant, appropriate, apt, pointed More Synonyms of to the point.

What does ductile mean?

1 of a metal : capable of being drawn out (see draw entry 1 sense 15) into wire or thread ductile iron.

Is docility a word?

noun compliance, obedience, meekness, submissiveness, manageability, ductility, amenability, pliancy, tractability, biddableness The baby’s docility had surprised him.

What does braggart mean?

: a loud arrogant boaster thinks he’s a loudmouth braggart. Other Words from braggart Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about braggart.

Is docile a positive connotation?

Add the word docile to your vocabulary to describe a person who yields easily. … It has a positive connotation when used to describe a person who is accommodating and polite.

Is being docile a bad thing?

Docile is not a negative word. It varies depending on where you use it. … Docile might be a word of praise, but it can also be a criticism of someone for being overly submissive. Some synonyms are amenable and compliant.

What is the opposite of extraneous?

extraneous. Antonyms: intrinsic, internal, vital, connected, essential. Synonyms: extrinsic, external, foreign, outside, alien, unconnected, unrelated, ascititious, adventitious.

What is a debonair?

1a : suave, urbane a debonair performer. b : lighthearted, nonchalant. 2 archaic : gentle, courteous.

What is being docile?

If someone is docile, he is easily taught or handled. If you suddenly became a trouble-maker in class, your teachers would long for the days when you were sweet and docile. Docile comes from Latin root for teaching, docere, so someone docile is easy to teach. A docile student is willing to be taught.

What’s another word for docile?

Some common synonyms of docile are amenable, obedient, and tractable.

Is more to the point?

: more importantly If you drive while drunk, you could lose your license, but even more to the point, you could kill someone.

What does domicile mean in English?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a dwelling place : place of residence : home. 2 law. a : a person’s fixed, permanent, and principal home for legal purposes Report your change of domicile.

What is the opposite of dangerous?

hazardous, troubling: kind, healthy, strong, wholesome, healthful, guarded, careful, great, happy, agreeable, true, trivial, honest, harmless, safe, wonderful, pleasant, unhazardous, unimportant, untroubled, ok, good, pleasing, secure, certain, stable, sure, nice.

What is an antonym for docile?

docile. Antonyms: intractable, stubborn, obstinate, self-willed, dogged. Synonyms: compliant, amenable, easily managed, yielding, gentle, quiet, pliant, tractable, teachable, tame.

Is Docileness a word?

Docileness definitions Quality of being docile; docility.