Question: What Does Irregular Mean?

What is the opposite word of irregular?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for irregular.

civilian, noncombatant..

Is irregular and abnormal synonyms?

aberrant,aberrational,anomalous,atypical,deviant,deviate,devious,irregular,More items…

What is irregular shape?

What is an irregular shape? An irregular shape is a shape which has sides and angles of any length and size.

What is an example of an irregular galaxy?

The best known examples of irregular galaxies are the Small and Large Magellanic clouds. These are companion galaxies to our own Milky Way, and can be easily seen at dark sites in the Southern Hemisphere. The Large (left) and Small (right) Magellanic clouds are prime examples of irregular galaxies.

What does irregular mean in English?

not normal or usualEnglish Language Learners Definition of irregular (Entry 1 of 2) : not normal or usual : not following the usual rules about what should be done. : not even or smooth : not regular in form or shape. : happening or done at different times that change often.

What is irregular in science?

An irregular galaxy is a galaxy that does not have a distinct regular shape, unlike a spiral or an elliptical galaxy. Irregular galaxies do not fall into any of the regular classes of the Hubble sequence, and they are often chaotic in appearance, with neither a nuclear bulge nor any trace of spiral arm structure.

What are the five irregular verbs?

Irregular Verbs – Complete ListBase FormPast Simple (V2)Past Participle (V3)beatbeatbeatenbecomebecamebecomebeginbeganbegunbendbentbent135 more rows

What are the 3 irregular verbs?

The verbs ir (to go), ver (to see), and ser (to be) are completely irregular in the imperfect tense.

How do you know if a verb is irregular?

What are Irregular Verbs?Verbs which have the same base form, past simple and past participle.Verbs which have the same past simple and past participle.Verbs which have the same base form and past participle.Verbs which have a different base form, past simple and past participle.

What does irregular mean in a sentence?

irregular adjective (RULE) (of behavior or actions) not according to usual rules or what is expected. grammar. An irregular verb, noun, adjective, or other type of word does not obey the usual rules in the language for changing word endings.

What does irregular mean in reading?

Irregular words are those in which one or more letters do not represent their most common sounds. … In beginning reading it’s helpful to distinguish irregular words that could still be sounded out in this way from truly irregular words, such as eye and they.

What is the best synonym for irregular?

Synonyms forcapricious.erratic.intermittent.jerky.sporadic.uneven.unreliable.eccentric.

What is another name for irregular?

SYNONYMS FOR irregular 1 unsymmetrical, uneven. 2 unmethodical, unsystematic; disorderly, capricious, erratic, eccentric, lawless. 4 anomalous, unusual.

What is irregular verb and examples?

A verb in which the past tense is not formed by adding the usual -ed ending. Examples of irregular verbs are sing (past tense sang); feel (felt); and go (went). (Compare regular verb.)

What are the 20 irregular verbs?

50 Most Common Irregular VerbsRankBase FormPast Participle17putput18bringbrought19beginbegun20keepkept46 more rows