Question: What’S The Longest Street In Philadelphia?

How far is Germantown from Philadelphia?

6 milesThe distance between Philadelphia and Germantown is 6 miles.

The road distance is 7.9 miles..

Is Chestnut Hill Philadelphia Safe?

When ranked based on available amenities and crime rates (60% lower than the rest of Philadelphia), Chestnut Hill is top on the list. That also means it’s top on the list in terms of rent and real estate prices, but sometimes it’s worth paying a premium to live in a neighborhood where you feel completely safe.

How old are the cobblestone streets in Philadelphia?

Cobblestone and red brick still line the street as it did nearly 200 years ago. Like most cities of its age, Philadelphia’s streets were once all paved with cobblestone. From 1830 to 1884 most of the streets remained cobblestone.

What is the most ghetto part of Philadelphia?

The Philadelphia Badlands is a section of North Philadelphia and Lower Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, that is known for an abundance of open-air recreational drug markets and drug-related violence.

What is the oldest street in America?

Elfreth’s AlleyNo visit to Philadelphia would be complete without a stop at Elfreth’s Alley, often referred to as the oldest continuously inhabited street in America. It was opened shortly before 1702 by Arthur Wells, a blacksmith, and John Gilbert, a bolter, and is only a stone’s throw away from Christ Church.

Is Germantown in Philadelphia Safe?

Anecdotally and statistically speaking, this is a safe, low-crime area. Most of the rest of Germantown isn’t much different, although as one travels south and east towards North Philadelphia, crime gradually becomes more of an issue.

Why is there no 14th Street in Philadelphia?

Broad Street is Philadelphia! And it always was our favorite street: Broad Street was developed as a Philadelphia street going as far back as 1691! … And that’s why there is no 14th Street – Broad Street came and was named, before the other streets in our grid system!

Is West Philadelphia ghetto?

While it is true that Philly has some ghettos in the North Philly, West Philly, and East Germantown areas, it’s not true that the whole city is ghetto. … Most of the Northeast and Northwest sections of the city are nice and very suburban like.

How long is Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia?

about two milesGermantown stretches for about two miles along Germantown Avenue northwest from Windrim and Roberts Avenues.