Question: What Is The Grading System Of Waec?

What is the grading system for 2020?

Under the new WAEC grading system, A1 is Excellent, B2 Very Good, B3 Good, C4, C5 and C6 are interpreted as Credit, D7 and D8 are interpreted as Pass, while F9 is Fail.

A1 and B2 in the WASSCE means Excellent, B3 is B (Very Good), C4 is C (Good), C5 and C6 are D (Credit), D7 and E8 are E (Pass) and F9 is F (Fail)..

Can someone with d7 get admission?

If the subject you got the D7 is not required for the course you want to do then you can apply for it. But if the subject that you got the D7 is required for your cause then you might be in trouble. In general if your best 6 subjects does not exceed 24 then you can get admission to any university irrespective of D7.

What are the compulsory subject in Waec?

Compulsory Art Subjects In WAEC And JAMB For Art Students In NigeriaEnglish Language.Literature in English.History.Fine and Applied Arts.French.Igbo.Other Nigerian Languages.Music.More items…•

What is the pass mark for Waec?

To get an A in Waec 2021, you need to score above 75% or above in the subject. 75% means you are able to get 75 marks correctly out of 100 marks or 45 marks out of total of 60 marks. If you are given 50 questions in a subject, 75% is equal to 37.5 questions you answered correctly.

Is d7 fail in Waec?

For instance, to get an A in WAEC 2020 Mathematics, you need to score above 75% in the Exam. 75% means you are able to get 75 questions correctly out of 100 questions….WASSCE Grading System / Interception.GRADENUMERIC VALUEINTERPRETATIONC66CREDITD77PASSE88PASSF99FAIL5 more rows•Mar 17, 2020

Can I combine WAEC and NECO result for admission?

Yes! It is possible to combine both WAEC and NECO results for admission into any university, polytechnic or college of education in Nigeria. Both WAEC and NECO results are valid in Nigeria. … In applying for admission into any institution in Nigeria, both WAEC and NECO result is allowed at the same time.

Is Waec 2020 time table out?

WASSCE 2020 SSCE Timetable Is Out – WAEC The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has disclosed that the timetable for the conduct of the 2020 May/June exam is out. … According to WAEC, the exam will begin effective August 17, 2020, and end on September 12, 2020.

Can I gain admission with d7 in English?

Most universities requires at least a O’level credit pass (C6) in English language to gain admission in their school both some accepts O’level D7 (Pass) in English. Most students are not aware of this and most times re-write their O’level exams. … Federal Universities that Accepts D7 in English.

How is jamb point calculated?

Now, you need to know how to calculate JAMB points for O’Level sittings and subjects. One O’Level sitting is 10 marks, while two sittings are calculated as only 3 marks. The highest mark here is 30 marks (no more than 6 marks from each of the 5 subjects). If you scored 300 points in UTME.

What is the grading system for Knust?

GRADING SYSTEMGradeScaleGrade DescriptionA80.00 – 100.00OutstandingA-75.00 – 79.99B65.00 – 74.99Very GoodC60.00 – 64.99Good3 more rows

What is the grading system for Wassce 2020?

WAEC WASSCE 2020 Grading System The Council explains that A1 and B2 in the WASSCE means (Excellent), B3 is B (very good), C4 is C (Good), C5 and C6 are D (credit), D7 and E8 are E (Pass) and F9 is F (Fail).

Is d7 a good grade in Waec?

New WAEC grading system WAEC grading system is not that much different from any other grading system that exists out there in the world. … E8 (40-44%) and D7 (45-49%) are passing grades. C6 (50-54%), C5 (55-59%) and C4 (60-64%) are credit grades. B3 (65-69%) is a Good grade.

What Mark is a1 in Waec?


How many subjects are required for Waec?

The WASSCE tests four core subjects—English, mathematics, integrated science, social studies, and three or four elective subjects.

How can I pass Waec?

How To Pass WAEC 2020/2021 Examination In One SittingBe determined. … Start preparing as early as possible. … Get recommended WAEC materials and read them. … Do not allow people’s opinion to stop you from reading. … Prepare a reading timetable and stick to it. … Take note of mistakes students make in WAEC examination and avoid them.More items…

Is b3 a good grade?

Whenever you complete a course you are awarded a grade (A, B, C, …, G or H) for your performance in the course. Throughout the University, grade A means excellent, grade B means very good, and so on. … For example, grade B is divided into three bands: B1 means a high B, B2 means a medium B, and B3 means a low B.