Quick Answer: How Do You Write Sakib In Urdu?

What is the meaning of Shahriar?

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Shahriyar (Persian: شهریار‎), also spelled as Sharyar, Sheryar, Shariyar, Shahryar, Schahryar, Shahriyar, Shahryār, Shahriār, Sheharyar, Shaheryar, Shaharyar, “Shehreyar”, or Shehiryar means ‘Great King’ or ‘King of Kings’ in Persian language..

What is the meaning of Sakib in Urdu?

Present, gift, rewardThe meaning of Shakib is ‘Present, gift, reward. ‘ The meaning of Shakib in Urdu Language and written like ‘ شکیب’.

What is the meaning of Sakib in Islam?

Shakib or Sakib is a male given name that comes from the Arabic that means “Star” or “Bright”.. It has also been used as a surname.

How do you write Sakib in Arabic?

listen); Arabic: ساكب‎ pronounced [saːkb]), is a city in northwestern Jordan, administratively part of Jerash Governorate.

What does Saqib mean?

Sharp-wittedMeaning: Sharp-witted. The name Saqib means Sharp-witted and is of Arabic origin.

What is meaning of name Asif in Urdu?

قابل آدمیAsif name meaning is “Powerful”. In Urdu Asif Meaning is “قابل آدمی”. This is an Islamic name.