Are Ladies Allowed In Bhasma Aarti?

What is 151 darshan ticket?


Bhasma Arati is special event the early morning Puja and if you book that no need to book Rs.

151 ticket.


151 ticket is booked for Darshan only..

What is famous in Ujjain for shopping?

Best things and places for shopping in UjjainUjjain is the land of Mahakaleshwar. … You can shop for these sarees at Jawahar Marg, Gopal Mandir Marg, Mahakaleshwar Marg, and Free Ganj. … Mehendi is a form of body art, created from a plant-based paste. … Jain Namkeen is pretty popular in Ujjain.More items…•

How can I book Bhasma Aarti in Ujjain?

Step1: Click HERE or go to Step2: Click on bhasma aarti booking link. Step3: Click on the date on which you want to visit temple.

Why is Shiva called Mahakaal?

Lord Shiva has several names that describe his qualities. One such name is Bholenath, which suggests that he is innocent. … Among them, Lord Shiva is referred to as the most powerful. He, along with Brahma and Vishnu, makes the Trinity, which takes care of the process of birth, sustenance, and death.

Is Mobile allowed in mahakaleshwar?

Devotees have been banned from taking mobile phones inside the Mahakaleshwar temple. … The mobile phones, cameras etc of devotees would be confiscated if it is found inside the temple premises.

What is the best time to visit Ujjain?

Best time to visit UjjainOctober to March. The best time to visit Ujjain is between the months of October to March, when the weather is pleasant. … November to February. Ujjain experiences a pleasant temperature conditions during the months of winter. … June to September. The city experiences rainfall during these months.

How can I get tickets for Bhasma Aarti?

There is no charge for bhasma aarti. You can book the ticket online in the temple site. You need to upload a soft copy of any valid proof at the time of booking. Also at the time of entry to the temple you need to show your original photo ID proof to the security to get entry inside the temple.

What is the famous of Ujjain?

It is the fifth largest city in Madhya Pradesh by population and is the administrative centre of Ujjain district and Ujjain division. It is a famous Hindu pilgrimage centre with the Kumbh Mela held here every 12 years. The famous temple of Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is also located in the center of the city.

What should I wear in mahakaleshwar?

Book 1 month in advance on website of mahakaleshwar . … Ladies have to wear saree with proper blouse and petticoat. … Men must wear Dhoti and bear bodied on the top.Stand in the queue from 1 am onwards.The gates open at 4 am.They do shringar of the linga from 5 am. … The actual Bhasma arti starts around 6 am.More items…

What is paid darshan at mahakaleshwar?

Paid Darshan Tickets After the bhasm aarti is over, devotees may go inside the inner sanctum and offer their personal prayers to the Lord. Paid Darshan tickets are available for those who don’t want to stand for a long time in line. These tickets can be booked online or purchased at the temple.

Is it compulsory to wear saree in mahakaleshwar?

Yes it is compulsory for female weather married or unmarried to wear saree for do abhishek on lingam. You can wear dhoti and attend bhasma arti, but you can do jalabhishek and for that you have not to bring any vessel in garbhgruh.

Who destroyed mahakal Temple?

Sultan Shamsuddin IltutmishThe Mahakal temple was destroyed by Sultan Shamsuddin Iltutmish of Delhi in 10 1235 and it was later restored by the Scindias in the 19th century.

How can I get VIP darshan in mahakaleshwar?

Vip darshan is for Rs 250 while bhasma aarti is free of cost. Book tickets for bhasma aarti online or stand in queue one day before at bhasma aarti counter to get tickets. Carry original photo Id.

How can I go to Bhasma Aarti in mahakaleshwar?

One has to do booking either online or offline to attend bhasma aarti. Please note that booking and attending bhasma aarti is Free. For online booking, you can follow instructions as mentioned on Mahakaleshwar website For offline booking, there is bhasma aarti booking counter available that opens from 10 to 3 everyday.

How long does mahakaleshwar Darshan take?

1 hourNormally, you should budget 1 hour as time taken to visit shree mahakaleshwar temple. Depending on your level of interest in the place and whether you wish to have a more detailed and thorough tour or not, the time taken can be less or more.

How far is Omkareshwar temple from Ujjain?

139 KmsDistance Between Ujjain to Omkareshwar Is 139 Kms , Duration, Driving Directions & Route Map.

What is Bhasma Aarti?

Bhasma Aarti is a special kind of aarti that is performed during the Brahma Muhurat (about two hours before sunrise) in Ujjain. The priests offer holy ash (Bhasma) to the deity while chanting sacred mantras. The aarti generates vibrations that make devotees feel the presence of the divine in front of them.

Is there any dress code for Bhasma Aarti?

People who wish to attend only ‘bhasma aarti’, can wear any dress. There is no dress code for them. People who wish to do ‘jal abhishek’ need to follow strict dress code. Men have to wear dhoti and women have to wear saree.